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Meeting Report for 3/26/2009

March 26, 2009

Unfortunately life intruded this week and we never formed a proper quorum at any particular point in time.  However overall we did spend nearly an hour and a half chatting and during this time every member (Jecel Mattos de Assumpção Jr, Ken Causey, Bert Freudenberg, Craig Latta,  Andreas Raab, Randal Schwartz, and Igor Stasenko) did show up at some point.

We did manage to finalize the decision to change the name of this team and our name is now the ‘Squeak Oversight Board’ (SOB it is, so be it).

Otherwise we chatted about issues freely.  This was by no means a total waste.  We have new members and some new topics and it is useful for us to be able to casually voice our thoughts and hear the comments of others.  This should help up make faster progress during the next meeting.

The topics of discussion included: the current status of  SFC membership  and relicensing, licensing and rewriting methods to be license compliant,  the status of 3.11, the teams model, a mission statement for 2009, teams/board/foundation content of website, and release team processes.

Homework for next week includes: ideas for a 2009 mission statement, publicizing this blog, schedule meeting with SFC to discuss relicensing, query existing teams for current status and near term goals, and talk to 3.11 release team further.

Our next meeting is scheduled for April 2nd, 2009.  An agenda for that meeting should appear here in the next couple of days so check back and contribute discussion topics.

The voice of community about future of Squeak

March 26, 2009

Here the list of ideas i collected, when asked people to speak what
they want to see in Squeak.

by Aik-Siong Koh

Make Squeak callable by other programs. Make Squeak well behaved in plugin or addon environments. It would be so much easier to make Squeak financially viable by selling small plugins or addons, rather than complete applications. I see this in the areas of 2D and 3D CAD. Squeak cannot possibly win on looks, so let it do great work hidden.

by Edgar

I think of Board (not like the word Leadership) as members who have a record of enough Squeak presence. People trusting us want a better Squeak , right  ?
What do not seems enough clear is how we help to a better Squeak.
In the present Board we have differents ideas about this.

For me, a better Squeak is a modular one which could grow from a tiny
kernel to a any major fork or any user own image.

I saying this for years and tryng to do.

(By member who wanted to stay anonymous)

I know the leadership team has already been working on this, but just so they know at least part of the community is still interested, it’s
important to me that we form an official non-profit.  This would make
donations tax-deductible, at least for me here in the US, which in turn
opens up a lot of opportunities for people and corporations to give
money, which in turn opens up a lot of opportunities for improving
Squeak, advocating Squeak, et cetera.

Now that re-licensing is coming to a close (yay!), I think this is the
most important thing the board can do for the community.

by Mark Volkmann

1) Make it as easy to run a Squeak application from a command prompt or terminal window as GNU Smalltalk.
2) Add support for native threads and utilizing multiple cores/processors.
3) Either put significant effort into a replacement for Morphic or
document Morphic much better. I’ve pretty much given up figuring out
even basic things like discovering all the out-of-the-box widgets and
learning the best ways to lay them out in containers.
4) Make Squeak a happier place with much less fighting between subgroups.
by Klaus D. Witzel

A simple+powerful GUI designer which runs accross multiple Squeak
releases (and does not depend on other packages).

It should provide concepts+vocabulary from HTML+DOM+CSS+bindings so that even noobs feel comfortable and don’t immediately run away as soon as they confront morphic.

And in the tradition of Smalltalk, the morphic implementation details
have to be “encapsulated away”, leaving it to experts to squeeze the
maximum out of morphic.

Agenda for March 26th 2009

March 25, 2009

Here is our agenda for the next meeting. It is basically the left-overs from last time as well as teams discussion:

1. Status updates for activities carried over from last year:
* Status of Incorporation
* Status of 3.11
* Status of 4.0 / relicensing

2. Team status, per
* Keep the name ‘Oversight Board’?
* Give a detailed information about teams on Teams page?
* Team Leaders

3. New tasks for this year:
* Mission statement for 2009 (aka: Where is Squeak headed)
* Positioning towards other communities
* Process improvements (BPPs, decision making etc)

I’m not sure we’ll get to step 3 but since we’re still in the process of working through the issues from last year it feels appropriate to do move the team update to the top of the queue.

Meeting Notes Mar 19, 2009

March 22, 2009

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this report you can either reply to the thread on squeak-dev or add a comment.

The Squeak Leadership Team met on Thursday March 19th.  This was the first meeting of the newly elected team and incorporated both new and current members as well as retiring members.

Present: Jecel Mattos de Assumpção Jr, Ken Causey, Bert Freudenberg, Craig Latta, Yoshiki Ohshima, Andreas Raab, Igor Stasenko

Absent: Giovanni Corriga, Edgar J. De Cleene, Randal Schwartz

The agenda for this meeting can be found at

At the beginning of the meeting we focused on transitioning duties from retiring members to continuing members and member jobs in general. Ken will take over the duties of Secretary and Overall Mailing List Administrator.  Craig will continue as Treasurer.  Andreas will take over from Yoshiki as team advisor to the Elections team.  Randal will continue to communicate with the Software Freedom Conservancy with
Craig’s assistance.

The topic of the name of this team came up again.  It was noted that the word ‘Board’ is firmly established in the community’s mind.  A few suggestions were made and we chose ‘Squeak Oversight Board’.  Also we will list ourselves on the Team list

to make it clear we are a Team like many others.  Igor will be working with Janko Mivsek and the Webteam to make changes as appropriate on

The issue of the status of the community teams came up but this was not on the original meeting agenda and is a large topic so it was tabled and to be discussed again in the future.  Craig noted that this is a regular topic and should be added as a ‘persistent’ agenda item and discussion should be expected in nearly every meeting.

We discussed the SFC, 4.0 relicensing, and the 3.11 release status but Randal has been the point man on these issues and was unable to attend so we lacked some information regarding current status, some of the other members had bits and pieces of information however.  Discussion turned to how we can measure success and progress of projects.

Jecel pointed out that it is relatively easy with the relicensing/4.0 project as you can state completion as:  ‘Compatible with Squeak 3.10 but with all methods not licensed under either MIT or Apache removed or replaced.’  It was agreed that this was a very good measure but there is still some discussion going on with SFC regarding the identification of the license which covers a method.  Also where do we draw the line on compatible if it turns out that large parts of the code need to be fixed?  Should we consider releasing a possibly incomplete or broken 4.0 with the goal of releasing a 4.0.1 quickly with issues fixed?  Projects need to have goals that can be reached in relatively short time periods.  For now since discussions continue with SFC it was decided to aim for a completely compatible release but consider the possibility of something else later if necessary, in general aiming for a relatively quick release.

There was then discussion of the 3.11 release and how one would measure progress and success with this project.  It was generally agreed that this was less clear and that Andreas would talk to Randal, Matthew, and Keith and get back to us at the next meeting with more information to discuss this more clearly.

How does this team lead?  We discussed the job of this team overall.  It was noted that in the past the team has tended to take more of an observation and arbitration role.  After discussion we agreed that the team needs to take a more active and leading role in the community.

Part of this will be adding more outreach and communication.  We as a team need to become more visible.  The idea of a blog was mentioned where we would all post entries and where we would organize things better than on a mailing list.  Andreas volunteered to look into setting this up.  For the immediate future, once the blog is available, we will continue to post to squeak-dev but if appropriate we should also post to the blog.  This serves 2 goals:  1. We can organize things more affectively on a blog and have  ermanent pages that can be easy to find.  2.  This serves the outreach goal by making our discussions and issues more visible to the greater community that does not follow squeak-dev regularly, if at all.  Expect more information on our team blog soon.  (Of course you are reading this on the very blog referenced here.)

We then turned our attention to financial issues.  It was noted that one of our bigger funding sources is the Google Summer of Code project where the project mentors have been donating their earnings to the community.  For 2007 this was $2000 and for 2008 $2500, $500 per mentor.  Unfortunately Google paired down the project somewhat this year and we were rejected as they want to focus on larger groups.   Giovanni continues to hold the funds from 2007 and 2008 and Craig will be talking to him about that and to Tim and ESUG regarding the current badge sales.  Currently the funds to which we have direct control originated from ESUG as donations.  Our only unavoidable expense right now is the community server which is about $50 per month and the available funds will continue to cover that for the foreseeable future.

We realized that we had spent over an hour and still had plenty to discuss so it was decided that we would schedule another meeting for the following Thursday, March 26th 2009.  Remaining agenda items that need further discussion include: Mission statement for 2009 (aka: Where is Squeak headed), Financial needs for 2009, Community outreach (blog etc), Positioning towards other communities, Process improvements (BPPs, decision making etc), and we will of course be revisiting many of the other issues mentioned above.

If you have anything you think we should discuss please let us know.

Agenda for Mar 19, 2009

March 21, 2009

1. Introductions

2. Status updates for activities carried over from last year:
* Status of Incorporation
* Status of 3.11
* Status of 4.0 / relicensing

3. Roles and Responsibilities:
* Secretary of the Board
* Treasurer
* Mailing list administrator

4. New tasks for this year:
* Mission statement for 2009 (aka: Where is Squeak headed)
* Financial needs for 2009
* Community outreach (blog etc)
* Positioning towards other communities
* Process improvements (BPPs, decision making etc)