Agenda for March 26th 2009


Here is our agenda for the next meeting. It is basically the left-overs from last time as well as teams discussion:

1. Status updates for activities carried over from last year:
* Status of Incorporation
* Status of 3.11
* Status of 4.0 / relicensing

2. Team status, per
* Keep the name ‘Oversight Board’?
* Give a detailed information about teams on Teams page?
* Team Leaders

3. New tasks for this year:
* Mission statement for 2009 (aka: Where is Squeak headed)
* Positioning towards other communities
* Process improvements (BPPs, decision making etc)

I’m not sure we’ll get to step 3 but since we’re still in the process of working through the issues from last year it feels appropriate to do move the team update to the top of the queue.


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