The voice of community about future of Squeak


Here the list of ideas i collected, when asked people to speak what
they want to see in Squeak.

by Aik-Siong Koh

Make Squeak callable by other programs. Make Squeak well behaved in plugin or addon environments. It would be so much easier to make Squeak financially viable by selling small plugins or addons, rather than complete applications. I see this in the areas of 2D and 3D CAD. Squeak cannot possibly win on looks, so let it do great work hidden.

by Edgar

I think of Board (not like the word Leadership) as members who have a record of enough Squeak presence. People trusting us want a better Squeak , right  ?
What do not seems enough clear is how we help to a better Squeak.
In the present Board we have differents ideas about this.

For me, a better Squeak is a modular one which could grow from a tiny
kernel to a any major fork or any user own image.

I saying this for years and tryng to do.

(By member who wanted to stay anonymous)

I know the leadership team has already been working on this, but just so they know at least part of the community is still interested, it’s
important to me that we form an official non-profit.  This would make
donations tax-deductible, at least for me here in the US, which in turn
opens up a lot of opportunities for people and corporations to give
money, which in turn opens up a lot of opportunities for improving
Squeak, advocating Squeak, et cetera.

Now that re-licensing is coming to a close (yay!), I think this is the
most important thing the board can do for the community.

by Mark Volkmann

1) Make it as easy to run a Squeak application from a command prompt or terminal window as GNU Smalltalk.
2) Add support for native threads and utilizing multiple cores/processors.
3) Either put significant effort into a replacement for Morphic or
document Morphic much better. I’ve pretty much given up figuring out
even basic things like discovering all the out-of-the-box widgets and
learning the best ways to lay them out in containers.
4) Make Squeak a happier place with much less fighting between subgroups.
by Klaus D. Witzel

A simple+powerful GUI designer which runs accross multiple Squeak
releases (and does not depend on other packages).

It should provide concepts+vocabulary from HTML+DOM+CSS+bindings so that even noobs feel comfortable and don’t immediately run away as soon as they confront morphic.

And in the tradition of Smalltalk, the morphic implementation details
have to be “encapsulated away”, leaving it to experts to squeeze the
maximum out of morphic.


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