Meeting report for 4/17/2009


Once again we had full attendance this week (Jecel Mattos de Assumpção Jr, Ken Causey, Bert Freudenberg, Craig Latta,  Andreas Raab, Randal Schwartz, and Igor Stasenko).

Randal, Craig, and Jecel appeared in a recent episode of Industry Misinterpretations to talk about Squeak.  You should give it a listen.  Also look forward to Jecel appearing again in a soon to be published episode talking about other related topics.

Randal and Craig spoke with representatives of the Software Freedom Conservancy to discuss the plan involved in producing a version of Squeak fully licensed under the MIT and Apache licenses that the SFC is willing to accept as a signicant criterion in our community joining the Conservancy as a member organization.  The next significant step in this process is to produce a report outlining the procedure used to produce the new version and discussing any work still to be done.  SFC will read this report to understand the status more fully and advise us on what is additionally needed.  Randal and Matthew Fulmer will be working on this report as time permits.

Andreas has started discussions with the 3.11 Release team to understand the status of this project and to assist in it’s completion. More information should be available on this subject soon.

Improved communication is one of our primary goals for this year and comes up in one form or another in every meeting, often in multiple forms.  Today we discussed the web presence of Squeak including improvements to and significant improvement or the replacement of  It seems like I say this for every issue but: more on this soon.  If you have any suggestions in this regard, we welcome them.

We’re still talking about a formal mission statement.  We got sidetracked a bit but did decide that this will be a our primary focus for our next meeting.  Hopefully soon after we will have at least an initial draft available for comments.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday May 7th, 2009.  Our regular meeting schedule is the first and third Thursdays of each month, with occasional variations.  Expect a preliminary agenda for the next meeting soon.  We appreciate any additions to it you would like to suggest.


4 Responses to “Meeting report for 4/17/2009”

  1. David Mitchell Says:

    Well on your way with improved communication. Appreciate the blog and the posts to the list.

  2. Marcin Tustin Says:

    Even though it’s kind of obvious to me, it might be nice if you articulated why you think it is useful to have an external organisation scrutinise the relicensing effort.

    • jecel Says:

      The goal of joining the SFC is to have the advantages of a Squeak Foundation without having to do all the legal work ourselves – we are pooling resources with other Free Software projects.

      One of the requirements they make of any project that wants to join them is the use of an open source license. For projects that started out with a widely accepted license this is not an issue, but in our case we are in a process of changing the license (started for other reasons) and it makes sense to take advantage of their legal experience to do it right.

  3. Germán Arduino Says:

    Thanks by improving the communication. This blog is a great tool to stay informed!

    About wiki, I think that is a great tool to collaborative work. In the case of Squeak wiki, may be the problem isn’t with the tool itself, else with the contents and organization and maintenance of the information.

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