Initial Agenda for May, 7th 2009


One of the changes agreed on during the last meeting was to post a prospective agenda sooner rather than later to give others a way of influencing the agenda more directly. As a consequence the initial agenda for the next meeting only includes our “standard” agenda items:

1. Project Updates
2. Licensing Status
3. Mission Statement
4. Teams Updates
5. Process improvements

Please add more items to the list!

4 Responses to “Initial Agenda for May, 7th 2009”

  1. igorstasenko Says:

    – taming the VMs diversity

    i think, that we should provide a
    common place where we could track the VM+platforms+images+forks and
    their compatibility. It would be nice to have a VM release history
    page, where we could put a details about releases, download(s) and
    list images, which is proven to work with them.
    Sometimes things confusing even for me, who watching the activities
    around VMs, not saying how confusing this could be for a newcomers.
    Lets discuss this on a next meeting.

  2. BackOrder Says:

    I agree with Igor. However, it seems to be a generalized problem with Squeak and its related material rather than being specific to the VMs. Sometimes it just gets too messy. In my point of view, the more we’re organized, the better we can move forward.

  3. andreasraab Says:

    * improve information about how to contribute at

  4. Ken Causey Says:

    I would like to suggest that we try to focus on the Mission Statement for this meeting. These other topics are important but the value of the Mission Statement (if we plan to do it on a year by year basis) rather degrades with time.

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