Meeting Agenda for 7/1/2009


Subject to updates, please offer suggestions–

3.11 Status

4.0/Relicensing Status

Squeak Swiki update or replacement


Anything more?

2 Responses to “Meeting Agenda for 7/1/2009”

  1. BackOrder Says:

    Few very general points to be added, if possible…

    * Globalization, internationalization, localization, and every other -tion. Support for Unicode/UTF-8, international keyboard input, ISO 639-2 (and 3?), translation facilities (such as less monolithic Gettext export, XLIFF file format, etc.), other resources localization (theme, graphics, audio and so on).

    * Deployment friendly Squeak. Few thoughts: generating localized images, shrinking image, OS integration, maintenance consideration for Squeak as product for the mass? How easy it is to debug a problem with such a stripped, source-less image?

    * Problems related to user interface aesthetic and usability. Should it focus on high usability, simplicity, being approachable by professional but also newcomers?

    * How to attract new programmers to Squeak. Increase community participation in Squeak.

    * Difficult to contribute to Squeak when it comes to code, fixes, tests, and documentation. What are the avenue of solutions?

    * Problems related to change and attitude toward changes. The meaning of backward compatibility and its implications should be defined explicitly. Migration process, methods and tools should be considered in order to facilitate the maintenance of the ever growing but dying packages, as well as supporting the demand for changes by the community.

  2. andreasraab Says:

    Here is another item for discussion: The development model proposal at i.e.,
    * agree on the use of MC
    * set up
    * discuss an initial list of committers

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