Preliminary Agenda for 8/19/2009


Suggestions are appreciated.

Development Progress

Relicensing Progress

The technical responsibilities of the Board

3 Responses to “Preliminary Agenda for 8/19/2009”

  1. BackOrder Says:

    “Squeak Swiki upgrade/replacement” seems to be overlooked and is not put back on the agenda. Has anything been discussed about this topic?

  2. Jecel Assumpcao Jr Says:

    In the last meeting we decided to postpone discussion about the wiki for a while. Given the current noise level about the changes to 3.11, I don’t expect us to get to the wiki until October. But I hope I am being pessimistic.

  3. Ken Causey Says:

    OK, I think the discussion got off on the wrong foot. In my opinion we first need to start by discussing the problems and possible solutions in a very abstract way and put off discussions of technical solutions and which wiki solution we use until we have a general understanding of the goals.

    I would ask anyone who is interested in this issue to go back to Jecel’s original post at

    and read it with the intention of understanding the issues and goals and not get sidetracked by concerns of technology and eating our own dogfood. This is all really beside the point.

    Please add any comments or questions if you find you are not clear on why we brought up the issue or what we were thinking about.

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