Meeting Report for 10/7/2009


Edited: see note below.

Everyone was in attendance today:  Jecel Mattos de Assumpção Jr, Ken Causey, Bert Freudenberg, Craig Latta, Andreas Raab, Randal Schwartz, and Igor Stasenko.

We started out discussing the visibility of Squeak, particularly in the area of conferences.  OOPSLA 2009 is coming up and Bert will be attending and possibly Andreas as well.  With little time to prepare it’s not likely we are going to do much more this year than for last year, it depends ultimately on the time and willingness of those attending.  In general we are interested in increasing the visibility of Squeak and are open to suggestions and will revisit this issue regularly.

Related to this Andreas and Bert will be appearing in a near future episode of Industry Misinterpretations.

Next we discussed the current status of development , in particular how someone would be added to the Core Developers group.  To be added to this list you need to have some experience contributing to Squeak, preferably recently, and be nominated.  Anyone can nominate themselves or anyone else.  Once nominated the Squeak Oversight Board will vote on each candidate.

We also discussed the issue of the visibility of submissions.  Currently this is in the form of one email to squeak-dev per submission, although Inbox submissions often do not make it through due to message size.  This is not to everyone’s taste.  Andreas suggested an easy compromise: use a separate list for all submissions and subscribe the squeak-dev list to a digest of this list.  This will result in one message per day to the main mailing list and anyone that wishes to see the full feed can subscribe to the commit list.  It was decided to implement this and you can expect more information soon.

Our next meeting is scheduled for October 21st, 2009.

Edit note: Regarding being selected for the Core Developers group I (Ken Causey) made a statement in this report regarding the likelihood of being rejected that is more my opinion than any sort of policy or group decision of the Squeak Oversight Board.  I have now removed that statement and apologize.

One Response to “Meeting Report for 10/7/2009”

  1. Ken Causey Says:

    An update regarding the notifications:

    As a first step I redirected the Inbox messages to the packages list

    and with the Keith Hodges’ approval upped the message size limit to a 1MB.

    The very first submission turned out to be a Morphic version and 2.5 MB in size so surpassed the limit and did not go through. In the next few hours other submissions did go through while some also exceeded the limit. But my own email program (Evolution) was not too happy with multi-100KB message bodies. And as has been repeatedly pointed out, no one is going to look through that much source code in an email.

    Also, it occurred to us that mailman digests include the complete original messages. As a result the digest itself would often exceed the squeak-dev message limits and certainly would whenever an Inbox submission appears.

    Back to the drawing board…

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