Server Back Up (was: Server Unplanned Outage)


Update 10/19/2009 18:30 GMT – Once the hosting company processed our reset request it seems that everything came back up fine with a little assistance where needed (thanks Bert).  The server has been back up since around 0:00 GMT and so the total downtime seems to have been just about 24 hours

Update 10/18/2009 22:30 GMT – We have requested a server reset but this is not likely to be done until at least 5:30AM GMT Monday.

This is just a quick note to confirm that we are aware that the community server is currently down and are in the process of rectifying this.  I have no explanation at this time but will be updating this notice as more is learned.

It appears that the server began having trouble around 5:30 AM GMT.

Sadly almost exactly a year ago we had serious trouble with the server for about a month including about a week of outage.  Hopefully  this outage will be much less severe.

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