Meeting Report for 11/18/2009


Craig Latta and Igor Stasenko were unable to attend today’s meeting but present were: Jecel Mattos de Assumpção Jr, Ken Causey, Bert Freudenberg, Andreas Raab, and Randal Schwartz.

We discussed the status of Seaside support in Squeak.  To our knowledge (based on running tests and some use) the current releases of Seaside continue to work just fine in Squeak (including Trunk) but it would be nice to make this a bit more official.  Recently there has been discussion of this on the squeak-dev list and a couple of people have volunteered to assist with this.  Randal Schwartz will be contacting those individuals to form a group to monitor Seaside development and watch for any changes that might impact how well it works on current Squeak releases.  Randal will also be contacting the Seaside core developers to assure them that we are paying attention and are interested and to ask them to update to reflect that Seaside is supported in Squeak.

A topic that will come up for us regularly is the promotion and visibility of Squeak within the greater developer and user community.  At the moment our policy regarding conventions is that if an SOB member is already planning to attend a conference that they plan on representing Squeak in an official capacity and consider any additional material or assistance that they might like to have on hand and bring any additional suggestions to the attention of the board.  We have some badges that could be offered at conventions and we are researching having a couple of banners made up that could be used as appropriate.  Let us know of any suggestions you have.

Our next meeting is scheduled for December 2nd, 2009.


One Response to “Meeting Report for 11/18/2009”

  1. realmerlyn Says:

    And in fact, just a short time later, Squeak is once again on the page, although we need to have someone write up how to install Seaside on Squeak so that Julian can change the landing page.

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