Meeting Report for 12/2/2009


Everyone made it this week:  Jecel Mattos de Assumpção Jr, Ken Causey, Bert Freudenberg, Craig Latta, Andreas Raab, Randal Schwartz, and Igor Stasenko.

Based on the excellence of his recent submissions to Trunk Andreas nominated Levente Uzonyi to be added to the Core Developers group.  This nomination was accepted unanimously by the Oversight Board.

Progress has been exceedingly slow regarding the relicensing of Squeak and our progress on joining the Software Freedom Conservancy.  But the process is accelerating and active discussions have begun regarding what needs to be done to finalize these projects.  Right now we are in communication with the Conservancy getting everyone up to speed on status and collecting necessary documentation.  There are possible further stumbling blocks ahead so we don’t want to make any promises yet regarding dates, but we are generally hopeful that the end is in sight.

We discussed a few other issues including the Swiki, documentation and support for Seaside in Squeak, hosting solutions, etc. but have more to do on these issues before reporting progress.

Our next meeting is scheduled for 12/16/2009.


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