Preliminary Agenda for 1/20/2010


Contacting remaining contributors regarding licensing change

Improved packaging and availability

Software Freedom Conservancy Agreement

Free server hosting options

Packaging/Distribution of Contributed Packages with Release

Promotion and Visibility of Squeak

Development Progress

Squeak Swiki Improvement

Seaside support

Let us know of anything further.

3 Responses to “Preliminary Agenda for 1/20/2010”

  1. Ken G. Brown Says:

    SOB Terms of Reference

    • Jecel Assumpcao Jr Says:

      Ken, see second paragraph of the report for the December 16 meeting. The language is a bit subtle and so easily overlooked, but you can say that we simply decided not to make any changes at this time. This was a result of the discussion on squeak-dev, which died off with a couple of posts against adding rules and none clearly for adopting Keith’s rules or suggesting alternatives.

  2. Ken G. Brown Says:

    Well in my view that’s all very shortsighted once again. And the problem has therefore not gone away. I am responding to the item above “Let us know of anything further.”. Without clear Terms of Reference for the SOB, we are doomed to have a repeat performance one day. Consider now if someone else in their great wisdom decides Trunk is no longer in vogue and trashes all that work, similarly to the way Keith’s work was summarily trashed? Wasn’t the big perceived problem with Keith’s progress that there was no release? How long has it been now with no Trunk release? Where is the Trunk release? Who is responsible for the release? What is going to be in the release? How is the release going to be accomplished? When is the release going to be released?
    In my view the agenda item ‘Terms of Reference’ should stay until resolved by SOB actually doing something positive. So far my confidence in the SOB is extremely low and the people responsible for the Keith debacle should not be proud.

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