Meeting Report for 3/24/2010


To start the new term, we had a transition meeting with all the previous and current Squeak Oversight Board members. Attending were outgoing members Ken Causey and Igor Stasenko, new members Chris Muller and Juan Vuletich, and continuing members Jecel Mattos de Assumpção Jr, Bert Freudenberg, Craig Latta, Andreas Raab, and Randal Schwartz. The new and continuing members introduced themselves.

Outgoing members Ken and Igor handed off a few tasks. From Ken, posting meeting notes to the blog went to the rest of the group in turns; blog comment moderation went to Chris; SFC correspondence and free server hosting coordination went to Randal. From Igor, ESUG correspondence went to Andreas.

Jecel wrote to the Software Freedom Conservancy to tell them of the recent Squeak 4.0 release, the major prerequisite for our joining the Conservancy.

Andreas mentioned a few agenda items for the next meeting: the 4.1 release, consolidating finances, and receiving messages to the board mailing list with a minimum of spam (in addition to a recaptcha-assisted mechanism from the squeak website).

Thanks Ken and Igor for all your help!

2 Responses to “Meeting Report for 3/24/2010”

  1. Ken Causey Says:

    I don’t really understand the issue regarding ‘receiving messages to the board mailing list with a minimum of spam (in addition to a recaptcha-assisted mechanism from the squeak website)’.

    The board list is currently set to discard all messages unless the message is from either a subscriber or someone listed in the whitelist. So there should be no spam coming through the list at this time.

    Some time ago (well over a year) we asked the web-team for a web-based form (with captcha) on that could be used to accept messages for the board, as well as the box-admins and web teams, therefore eliminating the need to moderate those lists. But it seems they ran into some unspecified problem and have not delivered a solution yet.

    Since that time I have considered that the proper way to do this would be to be able to specify that members of other lists should be automatically included in the whitelist of a given list. For example all squeak-dev members be whitelisted for the board list. I looked into this but adding this to the current version of mailman we are running appears to require a fair amount of hacking and I really don’t care to have to update this whenever we update mailman. I’m hopeful that this may be better addressed in more recent versions and is something I will likely consider again as we setup new servers.

  2. Craig Latta Says:

    Thanks, Ken! Yes, by “minimum of spam” I was referring to whatever future setup we decide to use… sounds like it’ll still be “none”.

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