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Meeting Report for 8/18/2010

August 20, 2010

Almost full house today. Only Chris was missing because he is on vacation. We had a good meeting and discussed many issues.

Money transfers to SFC. Andreas has been extremely busy at work, but will be able to pick it up again now.

Squeak 4.2 release: Date and Scope. Setting up the infrastructure for Community Supported Packages and start picking them. We currently don’t have an active Release Team. If somebody steps up to work on this, we can start planning. Please volunteer!

Documentation. The community has previously shown interest in having a Documentation Team, so Jecel will post to squeak-dev to check up on the current volunteers and seek out new ones.

Randal suggested doing a wide survey on usage of Squeak and Squeak derivatives to help in planning and decision making. This would include Pharo, Etoys, Cobalt, Scratch, Cuis and others. We’d need input from groups and organizations that are not members of the squeak-dev list. Therefore we need to approach members of those groups and organizations for coordination. We’ll also need cooperation from everybody to get all users of Squeak and derivatives to be aware of this effort, and to consider answering the survey. Randal will start contacting some of these groups for coordinating.

Bert will attend to Esug 2010 partly on behalf of the Squeak Board as a Squeak PR activity. We decided to financially support his trip.

Andreas and Juan would like to find a way to leverage the work done to reduce Cuis for Squeak. Ideally, Squeak would become a smaller kernel, about the size of Cuis, and everything else would be in optional packages that would be unloadable. Comments, suggestions, volunteers, are all welcome!