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Meeting Report for 10/5/2010

October 9, 2010

A discussion about the 4.2 release of Squeak occurred at last week’s board meeting. Andreas, Bert, Chris, Jecel and Juan were present.

The target release date for 4.2 is the first-week of December, 2010. This coincides with the boards desire to export a new release every six months as well as the need for the many accumulated enhancements applied to the image since 4.1 to be packaged and distributed to a wider audience. 4.2 is also expected to include the new Cog VM.

A wiki page has been created that identifies some of the tasks targeted for the 4.2 release, and will be kept even beyond 4.2 for the record:

If anyone has specific plans for contributing to 4.2, please feel free to share them on the wiki page or squeak-dev mailing list, so the precise shape of 4.2 will begin to coalesce.