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Squeak Oversight Board minutes – 5/17/11

May 18, 2011

Squeak Oversight Board minutes – 5/17/11

Attending: Chris Cunnington (aka TO), Chris Muller, Bert Freudenberg, Randal Schwartz, Colin Putney, Levente Uzonyi

From memory, not taken in order at the time:

– Colin brought up the recent discussion of namespaces on
squeak-dev. The Board discussed the pros and cons of various namespace
implementations and whether or not Squeak actually needs namespaces.
Colin volunteered to investigate further and report back to the Board
and the next meeting.

– The problems of SqueakSource discussed on the Pharo board were explored, and Board was in general agreement that SmalltalkHub would be a worthwhile thing to explore in future

– It was suggested that by 4.3 some packages might be removed from the image. Nebraska was suggested, which brought the response that it was really a part of Morphic.

– The idea of making the entire GUI replaceable would be desirable instead of removing pieces of Morphic. Morphic could be removed entirely and replaced with a slimmer version. Or another GUI (MVC? Tweak?)

– TO said he’d get a working version of a new SMServer running on by the middle of June. The Board generally agreed that the SqueakMap image running in the Squeak server needs to be replaced.

– TO said he’d ask Craig Latta when Spoon might be released in its new form, as it would be a worthwhile model to explore for a smaller image, which was agreed is important to the community. (answer: “current estimate 1 June”)