Squeak Oversight Board minutes – 8/16/11


Attending: Chris Muller, Bert Freudenberg, Colin Putney, Randal Schwartz, Levente Uzonyi, Jecel Assumpacao Jr., Chris Cunnington, Craig Latta

  • Craig Latta discussed an early release of Spoon; there was a Spoon debugging bull session
  • Spoon project category on Mantis requested, and created
  • trademark policy –  what if somebody creates a product with the name Squeak that we disagree with? issues around that were explored
  • It’s the job of the board to manage the name “Squeak.” That implies managing the domain name squeak.org (among others), the services provided there, the mailing list, official releases of the Squeak product etc. We do that based on the moral authority that comes out of the election process, since we don’t have a legal ownership of the name. We’re also making explicit our historical position of not objecting to derivative names, such as Squeak Germany, SiliconSqueak, Stable Squeak, SqueakSource and the like.
  • the future of SqueakSource was discussed

2 Responses to “Squeak Oversight Board minutes – 8/16/11”

  1. one of the Other Chris' Says:

    Are there any publishable details about your future of SqueakSource discussion? I’d be very interested.

  2. Chris Cunnington Says:

    Not really. Sometimes we just outline the shape of a problem. SqueakSource and code repositories are changing and we need to explore that. There are no plans at this point.

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