SOB Minutes – 3 Jan.


– The bulk of the meeting addressed a sudden change to DNS that has shut down our mailing lists

– The problem resulted from the domain which made a change to its DNS configuration 2 Jan.

– After the problem is solved, the SOB is resolved to switch over to and make redundant to needs

– The relationship with the Software Freedom Conservancy was discussed in terms of who is a signatory for the Board. It seems the SFC is the signatory and not SOB memebers

– an important bug fix by Colin Putney will be incorporated into the release of Squeak 4.3

– Some final tasks related to the release of Squeak 4.3 were discussed: the creation of an All-In-One release; uploading a zipped version of that and a zipped SqueakCore image to /4.3; and then linking from the homepage of to that All-In-One app


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