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SOB Minutes – 3/6/12

March 7, 2012

SOB Minutes – 3/6/12

– all members attending

– Election procedure was discussed:

  • since the Squeak People website is defunct a page listing all the eligible voters needs to be created and posted on
  • might be similar to Sugar Labs (another SFC member project)
  • a person would be eligible to vote by having shown they’d made a contribution
  • as there is a conflict of interest, not the board, but the election team should approve contributors
  • possibly this could be automated, e.g. by adding a Squeak People-like network of trust to Squeak Map
  • this discussion needs to be public on Squeak-Dev

– A beta version of Etoys 5 has been released (

– Colin discussed creating remote tools for work on a mini Squeak image:

  • While Smalltalk offers reflection, the ideal is to have a program as unaffected by its tools as a program is by a text editor
  • Colin uses a miniature image for the Atom feed of his website He built the image from Pavel’s core using the Mason build tool. He is planning to post a link to Squeak-Dev to allow people to download this image

– All members of the board are running for re-election with the exception of Jecel, who described his position at the last meeting

– Armed with a FreeBSD vm, Randal is in the process of creating a booking engine application or Insight Cruises and offered to post a link to the website when it’s done