SOB Minutes – 5/21/12


all Board members present: Bert Freudenberg, Colin Putney, Craig Latta, Randal L. Schwartz, Chris Muller, Levente Uzonyi, Chris Cunnington

– revised and finalized details for the running of future elections will be sent to the SFC

– changing the ownership of the Squeak server at Hetzner Online hosting from Squeak Germany to the SOB directly

– waiting on details from people about where the new server will be hosted and the availability of an event space for a Squeak event/mini convention

– the board is organizing a virtual workshop for Aida users new and old. It will be the week of 18-22 June on the Web Team mailing list. More details to follow

– Spoon documentation for beginners is coming as well as Naiad, the Spoon module system, integration with GitHub

– The difficult problem of how to shrink the Trunk image was explored. The problem is ‘Where to start?’ Some items were agreed upon: such as; isolated change sets could be deleted whole; Morphic and Etoys are so inextricably linked that they are a unit to be removed together; Morphic and Etoys could constituted a ‘full Morphic’ package; while, a minimal Morphic package could substitute for it, perhaps one based on the work done on the Cuis UI.

– Owing to the excellent work of some contributors to the Trunk, the Board is exploring inviting people to become core contributors


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