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Squeak Oversight Board Minutes – 6/18/12

June 19, 2012

– all present except Levente Uzonyi

– Randal is talking to a person at a university about hosting a Squeak event in Los Angeles. He is also talking to the event managers of the YAPC::NA 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin held last week about their template for running a conference. (Perl is also working on its own virtual machine called as part of Perl 6)

– Chris M. will be sending the revised election procedure to the SFC

– Colin will be getting the voter list and posting it on the Squeak Wiki

– Alan Kay gave a ››nice talk at the ACM’s Turing Centenary Celebration on Friday. He used VPRI’s Frank (as in “Frankenstein’s monster›”) research prototype, which is built on top of Squeak 4.3. To see the 20 minute video, choose “Extracting Energy From The Turing Tarpit››” from the playlist at the ACM’s webcast.

– still waiting on some news before we decide where the home of the new Squeak server will be

– as source control has been a topic of discussion, Gilad Bracha just made an interesting post on the topic

SOB minutes – 6/4/12

June 5, 2012

all members present

– the speed of was questioned: how to make it faster; whether the new server will do that; if an archive of previous releases should be created to lessen the load

– with now deprecated the move to is looking more imminent

– The GitHub based solution for a Smalltalk repository being worked on was discussed. It looks like a good fit for cross platform projects. It may not be so convenient as to contend with GitHub as a repository is something the board will be keen to watch evolve, although there was a question as to whether we might end up using a slightly inferior tool for a unassured marketing benefit. It may be that versioning tools and marketing initiatives exist in separate domains.

– Colin is preparing to re-examine the code he has for Monticello 2. Monticello is good for smaller projects, but reaches a limit at ~1000 versions. Larger projects could benefit from MC2 ( )

– Craig spoke about Spoon at an Amsterdam even called Appsterdam ( )