SOB minutes – 6/4/12


all members present

– the speed of was questioned: how to make it faster; whether the new server will do that; if an archive of previous releases should be created to lessen the load

– with now deprecated the move to is looking more imminent

– The GitHub based solution for a Smalltalk repository being worked on was discussed. It looks like a good fit for cross platform projects. It may not be so convenient as to contend with GitHub as a repository is something the board will be keen to watch evolve, although there was a question as to whether we might end up using a slightly inferior tool for a unassured marketing benefit. It may be that versioning tools and marketing initiatives exist in separate domains.

– Colin is preparing to re-examine the code he has for Monticello 2. Monticello is good for smaller projects, but reaches a limit at ~1000 versions. Larger projects could benefit from MC2 ( )

– Craig spoke about Spoon at an Amsterdam even called Appsterdam ( )

One Response to “SOB minutes – 6/4/12”

  1. Sean DeNigris Says:

    Re MC2: IIRC, it also (like github) supports external files (e.g. jpegs), which seems an essential basic – missing – piece of functionality, even though these resources can be easily downloaded now that we have nice web clients. My jaw involuntarily drops every time I see a “method” where someone has stored the bits of an image/icon/other file 😉


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