Squeak Oversight Board minutes – 7/2/12


Board members present: Colin Putney, Craig Latta, Randal L. Schwartz, Chris Muller,  Chris Cunnington

– the decision on which server we will move to is getting closer. The decision will be taken by the end of the month

– one idea suggested is that we find a web designer to give the homepage a new look; Craig suggested one of the designers he knows in Amsterdam

– when the move takes place, a process using a wiki or Google Docs will be used to record what we have and how we moved what we have

– Craig is going to ESUG next month

– Spoon documentation for beginners is coming as well as Naiad, the Spoon module system, integration with GitHub

– Some ideas for using Environments posited were controlled updating of code in a deployed web image; using an Environment with the Xtreams API; loading Squeakland.org’s Etoys into a Squeak Environment

– More talking to people about a location for a Squeak specific event is underway (and Squeak may already have its first sponsor)

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