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Squeak Board minutes – 9/17/12

September 18, 2012

All members were in attendance.

– Chris Cunnington is working on securing a permanent home for the new Squeak CI server.  The move must be completed before November to avoid a service interruption.

– Once the and Jenkins server situation has settled and become reliable, the Squeak VM team leader, David T. Lewis, intends to set up nightly updates of the latest VM code from

– Ian Piumarta has released a new Unix VM [1]. He also started bringing the Windows VM up-to-date.

– We discussed convening at Smalltalks 2013 in Argentina as an alternative to having a separate Squeak developer conference.  There are already plans to bring together Smalltalks and the Etoys-oriented Squeakfest, so getting Squeak developers there at the same time should be fun. Please let us know what you think of this idea.

– The next Google+ Squeak Community Hangout is 13 Oct. [2]


(it helps when clicking on this link to already be logged into G+)

Squeak Oversight Board minutes – 9/3/12

September 4, 2012

attending: Craig Latta, Bert Freudenberg, Levente Uzonyi, Chris Cunnington, Chris Muller

– Spoon [1] will be releasing its new version soon with a web browser interface included

– the next Squeak Community Meeting [2] on GooglePlus will be Sat. 13 Oct. at 10 am Pacific Time. (If you hit the link below, it helps if you are already logged into G+)

– Squeak 4.4 is heading towards an October release

– Chris Cunnington wants to shut down the server that currently serves [3] and has contacted the SFC to access some resources to move it over (as the SFC has a relationship with for its members)