minutes 2013-02-18


Squeak board minutes 2013-02-18

first meeting of term, all incoming and outgoing members invited.

present: Bert Freudenberg, Craig Latta, Chris Muller, Colin Putney, Tim Rowledge, Frank Shearer (all incoming, Tim and Frank are new)

absent: Chris Cunnington, Eliot Miranda, Randal Schwartz, Levente Uzonyi (Eliot is new, others are outgoing. Chris, Randal, and Levente mentioned they couldn’t make it, Eliot was on holiday)

closed items:

+ Decided to keep using Google Hangouts for now, although the group is willing to try Immersive Terf once, to see if its Mac audio support has improved.

+ Moved future meetings to 1st and 3rd Mondays at 7pm Amsterdam time (old schedule was 1st and 3rd Mondays at noon Los Angeles time). Frank set up a shared Google Calendar.

+ Bert updated the new-board-member info package.

+ Craig added new members to the board mailing list, Bert invited new members to edit the WordPress blog.

open items:

– Agreed we’d like to make the voter list public, allowing for individuals to opt out. It’s part of an effort to get voters to declare their connection with the project. Also, some of us are just curious who the voters are. Bert will ping the community and Ron Teitelbaum about this.

– Money. SFC is paying the Hetzner hosting bill on our behalf with the money they hold for us. Discussion of Squeak badges. Tim wonders about prior distribution numbers. Craig has the remainder, will count them. Bert pinged Giovanni about GSOC 2007 funds transfer.

– The webteam. Chris Cunnington said previously Janko has no time for this anymore, Colin had no luck reaching Janko. Colin suggests Chris Cunnington as new leader, will contact him. Colin will also ask Chris C. the status of the new website.

– SqueakSource. We’d like to replicate Berne’s SqueakSource server. We want to at least preserve the projects that are there now, and we would take control of the squeaksource.com domain name. Bert will continue to coordinate communication. Chris will review and debug the squeaksource code, and consider adding a Magma backend. Berne contacts: Oscar Nierstrasz and Fabrizio Perin.

– Google Summer of Code 2013. We’d like get some more Squeak projects started/accepted. Would Eliot like more people working on the project he proposed last year?

2 Responses to “minutes 2013-02-18”

  1. Ron Teitelbaum (@RonTeitelbaum) Says:

    Hi Bert and All, I have the eligible voters list but not the list of people that actually cast a vote. I may be able to get that list from the voting site. Is that what you want or just the eligible voters list?

    • Craig Latta Says:

      Hi Ron! We had just discussed the eligible voters list. Personally, I’d like the list of vote-casters too, as long as the way any individual voted is kept secret. Thanks again!

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