Author Archive server outage

January 5, 2015

Hi Squeakers,

Since January 2nd we’re having some technical difficulties with our server infrastructure. The box admins are working to get everything back online.

We will update this post with news.

Update Jan 11: Bug tracker is up. This should conclude this episode.

Update Jan 7, #2: The source server is back, too.

Update Jan 7: The mailing lists are working again.

Update Jan 6: It looks like one server (box2) is beyond repair. This is our oldest server. We already had started to migrate services off it last year to the newer boxen. That is why was already back up again after Levente fixed DNS. But the mailing list, sources, and bug tracker still were on box2. We’re using the backups to move those services now.

Jan 4: fixed DNS. is working again.

Jan 2: and everything else in our domain becomes unreachable

Meeting Report for 12/7/2010

December 11, 2010

Today we had Bert, Chris, Craig, Jecel, Juan, and Randal.

We talked about the upcoming 4.2 release: in particular, whether to include non-Trunk packages or not. Although we’d like to give newcomers a complete experience, we feel that having packages in the release that are not in Trunk seems unwise. Ideally, we would release multiple images, but with our limited resources, someone else would have to step up to make them.

The most likely result for 4.2 will be a single image, but we’d like to make finding and loading additional features easier. Some ideas discussed include having an obvious open workspace in the main world, or having multiple projects (such as in the early Squeak releases). Jecel wrote this idea up here.

Meeting Reports for October and November 2010

November 30, 2010

We met as usual on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays but failed to write up reports, sorry. Discussion mainly concerned the 4.2 release.

Meeting Report for 4/21/2010

April 23, 2010

Last week we decided to do notes in a round-robin manner, so Bert is writing the report this time. Everyone except Randal was present (Andreas, Bert, Chris, Craig, Jecel, Juan).

First we had some virtual champagne over the 4.1 release. Yay! Might need a little more publicizing though.

Joining the SFC is still a top-priority. We received a current draft of the agreement. We are putting it up here, please have a look if you are interested.

We spent some time discussing the new interest in documentation, which we are very excited about. To give this the proper visibility, we think it should be made part of the release, and also be linked directly from To arrive at a plan of action swifter than by week-long mailing list discussions, we suggest that the interested  folks meet on IRC soon.

Jecel pointed out that on the project list, there were few commercial applications listed done in Squeak. That might give the impression that the community was somehow opposed to commercial use, which couldn’t be further from the truth. So let’s add some commercial examples there (and if there are too many, make another page). Please send in links with a short description!

Finally we want to thank Ian Trudel for taking the initiative with surveying the community. We support the initiative, and are eager to see the results so we can take them into account in our future work.

And remember, anyone subscribed to squeak-dev can now contact the Board directly at thanks to magic pixy dust sprinkled by Ken on every one of you!

Squeak 4.0 released

March 16, 2010

The Squeak project announced today the public release of Squeak 4.0. This release completes the multi-year effort to relicense Squeak under FOSS licenses.

Squeak 4.0 is functionally equivalent to the previous Squeak 3.10.2 release but licensed under the MIT license with some original parts remaining under the Apache license.

Current development work will be released as 4.1 as soon as possible following the release of 4.0.