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Squeak Oversight Board minutes – 10/18/11

October 19, 2011

Attending: Chris Muller, Bert Freudenberg, Colin Putney, Randal Schwartz, Levente Uzonyi, Jecel Assumpacao Jr., Chris Cunnington

Notes on the 4.3 release:

– this won’t be the Cog release because of the needs of Linux which might not be aware of a sudden change

– Jecel is going to look at Linux distros and the vms they use

– Colin will talk to Esteban about multiple versions of the vm and get the OmniBrowser to run on 4.3

– Chris C. will go through the Daily Commit Logs back to the last release to compile a list of changes to the 4.3 release

Notes on Package Management ( Or, what would need to happen for Nicolas Cellier to  take Complex out of the image?):

– The question was discussed if Squeak Map would be used for package management or not in future

– In the future Squeak Map may be the tool that lists packages that conform to a series of tests which are a de facto contract between developers and core contributors

– If that’s the case, Squeak Map needs some work. But owing to some low profile changes that have already been made to Squeak Map, perhaps not as much as one might expect

Squeak Oversight Board minutes – 10/04/11

October 5, 2011

Attending: Bert Freudenberg, Colin Putney, Levente Uzonyi, Jecel Assumpacao Jr., Chris Cunnington

  • Some ideas about the coming 4.3 release were explored: it’s a maintenance release
  • It was suggested that as part of the 4.3 release a communications effort, a clear message, needs to be performed about the future goals of the Squeak image.
  • It is currently 16M. If you execute “Smalltalk unloadAllKnownPackages” it will take fifteen seconds and become 9.8M
  • A reasonable target for a core image is 5M, so a drop of 4.8M from the current image  (at 9.8 M) is a task before the community
  • A place to explore where to make reductions is likely the removal/replacement of GUIs
  •  Once we have a smaller core image, we can enact the memo Andreas wrote on how to load code back into the smaller image. This will be based on tests which will clearly delineate the responsibilities of core developers and application developers