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Squeak 4.3 released / SOB minutes — 23 Dec.

December 25, 2011

Welcome to the release of Squeak 4.3.

There aren’t any applications bundled with this release. Instead of working on applications to bundle with the image, core developers have been inspired by the Cog virtual machine to look deeply into the image for things they wanted to change. As a result, the image is becoming smaller, tidier, and nimbler.

There are five Welcome Workspaces in Squeak 4.3. The second is called Future Directions:

– This image is ~15M. If you execute – Smalltalk unloadAllKnownPackages – it will become ~10M

– A SqueakCore image is available at

– A reasonable target is the creation of a smaller image, which may be a task before the community

– A place to explore where to make reductions is likely the removal/replacement of GUIs

– Once we have a smaller core image, we can employ Andreas Raab’s memo [1] on how to load code back into the image. This will be based on tests delineating the separate responsibilities of core and application developers

Happy Holidays Hacking,

the Squeak Oversight Board

SOB Minutes — 6 Dec.

December 7, 2011

– we are now past the feature and code freezes

– 4.3 is released at the next SOB meeting — 20 Dec.

– a new release of Magma is coming

– the billing for the Squeak server may switch from Squeak Germany to the SOB directly

– owing to other commitments Jecel has had to push back making a report of various virtual machine usage on Linux