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January 5, 2015

Hi Squeakers,

Since January 2nd we’re having some technical difficulties with our server infrastructure. The box admins are working to get everything back online.

We will update this post with news.

Update Jan 11: Bug tracker is up. This should conclude this episode.

Update Jan 7, #2: The source server is back, too.

Update Jan 7: The mailing lists are working again.

Update Jan 6: It looks like one server (box2) is beyond repair. This is our oldest server. We already had started to migrate services off it last year to the newer boxen. That is why was already back up again after Levente fixed DNS. But the mailing list, sources, and bug tracker still were on box2. We’re using the backups to move those services now.

Jan 4: fixed DNS. is working again.

Jan 2: and everything else in our domain becomes unreachable